I Have A Dream by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., painted by Kadir Nelson, 1963, Schwartz & Wade Books

I Have A Dream is a speech Martin Luther King, Jr. gave during tumultuous times in American history, specifically during the civil rights movement. This picturebook captures the speech that MLK, Jr. gave to millions of Americans in 1963. The book is a recap of this speech and it is written verbatim. The paintings that Kadir Nelson painted perfescreen-shot-2016-11-14-at-3-23-43-pmctly describe the scene and the setting of where this speech took place. The pictures have diversity in people and show people being kind and helping one another in a way that children would understand. They tell a story. They are very appealing to the eye as well. Since this book is the speech MLK, Jr. gave, it tells an extremely important time in history. The genre is also nonfiction because this is the exact speech that was given. The book comes with a CD of MLK, Jr.’s original speech which adds a lot to an already important book. This book has received numerous honors, recognitions, and awards based on the breath taking paintings. This is great for the reader who wants to read the speech MLK, Jr. gave and have pictures that follow along. Great for parents wanting to teach their children about a very important time in American history as well.