The English Roses by Madonna, 2003, Callaway

The English Roses is a picturebook that was written by singer and songwriter Madonna and illustrated by Jeffrey Fulvimari. There are 20+ books in this picturebook series. The first book, The English Roses, is about four girls who are very popular in their school. Thscreen-shot-2016-11-28-at-11-52-41-amey have everything they want and need in life. Then, one day a new girl, Binah, comes to their school. More than anything, Binah just wants a friend. The English Roses refuse to let Binah join their clique. But then one day when they are all having a slumber party they have a realization that changes everything. To find out what happens to The English Roses and Binah read this book! You won’t regret it. This is a very important book in children’s literature. It teaches young readers about acceptance and the effects bullying can have. Not only that, but it shows that every person has their own set of struggles and you should never judge someone before you know them. This is great for the reader who is a new kid at school and trying to find their place in their school. Girls’ especially would love this book. This is a quality book with great illustrations and an even better story.