Alice and Greta by Steven J. Simmons, 1997, Talewinds – An Imprint of Charlesbridge Publishing


Alice and Greta by Steven J. Simmons and illustrated by Cyd Moore is a fairytale picturebook about two witches. Alice is a good witch and Greta is full of a lot of trouble. Alice is always trying to learn and Greta is always wrecking havoc wherever she goes. But one day, there is a forgotten spell and this spell is haunting Greta. Now she has to learn something she should have learned a long time ago. To find out what happens with the spell and with Alice and Greta, check out this awesome fairytale book! The pictures in this book are nothing less than amazing and so fun for kids to look at. The themes that are prevalent throughout the book also have teachable moments for teachers and parents, which makes this book especially important. Little girls would especially love this book, but any kid who loves fairytales about good and bad would find this book quite appealing.