Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book by Dr. Seuss, 1963, Random House Inc.

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-11-55-21-pmI wanted to do this book because of something fun that happened tonight. I was working on this blog and showed my dad it since I am very proud of what I’ve done. I then went on to ask him what his favorite book was that he read to me and my three siblings when we were little and he said this book. He then went on to sing the book – or what he remembered of it anyways. It was super cute! I then went over to our house library and found the book! I gave him it and we sat on the couch and he read (sang) the book to me, his 21 year old daughter, just like I was 4 years old again. It filled my heart with so much joy and so much love! Life truly is about the simple things. I am such a daddy’s girl and this was really the icing on top of a great (and tiring) thanksgiving weekend. I am so thankful for my family.

Anyways, Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book is about exactly what it seems! The ABC’s. He gives catchy little words, lines, and verses (all of which rhyme) to each letter of the alphabet. Like any of the Dr. Seuss books, this one has received a lot of recognition over the years for the use of nonsense words that rhyme and the cute pictures that go along with the book. It is great for the reader who is wanting to learn the alphabet in a fun and catchy way. This book has obviously provided my dad with fond memories over the years, and tonight it provided me with a very sweet and fond memory as well. Everyone should read this!