Space Boy and His Dog by Dian Curtis Regan, 2015, Boyds Mills Press
Space Boy and His Dog by Dian Curtis Regan and illustrated by Robert Neubecker is a science fiction picturebook that falls under the speculative fiction genre. This book is about a young boy named Niko. Niko has a very active imagination and has always dreascreen-shot-2016-11-26-at-9-54-48-pmmed of being an astronaut and flying a spaceship and ultimately saving the world. After going to outer space everyday, Niko always returns safely at home. One day after taking off to go to space to find a lost cat, Niko finds his sister, Posh, hiding in his spaceship. To find out what happens to Niko and Posh in outer space, go to your nearest library and check out this book! This is a quality children’s scifi picturebook that has beautiful and fun pictures and a very fun and hilarious plot line that most kids would find humor in. These books are fairly new to the children’s literature world but are starting to gain recognition for the quality pictures and stories that they tell. This book is great for the reader who has an active imagination and likes stories about outer space and rescue missions. Boy’s would especially find this book appealing.