Beauty and the Beast retold by Jan Brett, 1989, Clarion Books


Beauty and the Beast retold and illustrated by Jan Brett is one of my favorite fairytales. This is one that I grew up with. My parents would read this one to me when I was little. Beauty’s father plucks a rose from the Beast’s garden and in return Beauty’s father must make Beauty go and live with the Beast so that he can live. To find out what happens with Beauty and the Beast check out this beautifully retold version of one of the most classic fairytales of all time. This is a story that is extremely famous to almost everyone. It is a very beloved tale. This book would appeal to children who enjoy mystery, suspense, and romance! It especially appeals to young girls because of the princess aspect of the book. Don’s miss out on this great retold version of Beauty and the Beast.  The story and the magical pictures will encapsulate you into the story.