Little Red Riding Hood by Jerry Pinkney, 2007, Little Brown and Company


In Jerry Pinkney’s picturebook, Little Red Riding Hood, he tells the classic tale of the Grimm Brother’s Folktale Little Red Riding Hood. The book starts out with introducing Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. To find out about the interactions between these two beloved characters, check out Jerry Pinkney’s rendition of the original Red Riding Hood story. The illustrations will encapsulate you and keep you wanting more. This story has received many recognitions over the years and is an extremely well know folktale of people of all ages. Kids who like the Red Riding Hood folktale would love this rendition! Children who like clever, delightful, and memorable books would also really enjoy reading this story.


  • Lesson plans for different grades
  • Guide to fairytales in the classroom
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